Hey there! Welcome :)

My name is Lauren. I'm 22 years old and I'm currently living in Orlando Florida. I grew up in the Midwest US but I've spent the past 2 years traveling the world. 

I went vegan at 16, dropped out of university at 19 to get certified as a Holistic Nutritionist, and then bought a one-way ticket to Maui shortly after my 20th birthday. I later took my first international trip to Australia where I lived and worked for 8 months!

I like to live my life outside the box and I'd consider myself a bit of a wildflower.

I love astrology, writing, cooking, spending time outdoors, and spreading love.

I hope my experiences will provide you with some inspiration and shed some light on the fact that life doesn't need to be lived inside the lines! We're meant to be wild and free!

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