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5 Reasons Why You Should Work For Yourself in 2021

My greatest longing in this life is to obtain complete freedom, and that is what I aim to create for myself. Here are 5 reasons why I'm so passionate about having my own business (and why you should be too!)

1. Location and Time Freedom

Amongst the long list of things I love are sunshine, early morning dew on the grass, and travel. I constantly crave adventure and the freedom to go wherever I like whenever I like. But this isn't entirely possible when I'm working full-time on someone else's schedule.

Lately, I've been realizing how important it is to truly listen to what your body and your spirit are telling you. If you feel called to take a break, you should take a break and rest. If you feel called to go on an adventure, you should go. Working for yourself provides you with this freedom- the freedom to respond to the calls of your spirit (not just the call of an alarm clock or the office phone). This is something we all deserve.

2. Job Security

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for the day- teach him to catch his own fish, and he will be fed for a lifetime. This is how I view working for other people vs working for yourself. If there's something we all learned in 2020, it's that relying on outside companies as our only income stream isn't necessarily the safest bet. If you are employed through a company or another individual, you will only be paid and taken care of as long as you remain employed with them. However, if you work for yourself, you will always have access to a stream of income and therefore will be paid and taken care of for a lifetime.

3. Dress Code

Nothing feels worse than having to put on stiff clothes and uncomfortable shoes just to go sit at a desk all day. Whether you prefer shorts and a tank top, a swim suit, or even sweats - whatever you are feeling called to wear, you should be able to wear! We aren't robots, we're human beings.

4. Creative Freedom

"If you don't work towards your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs." This quote reminds me that every hour put into another company is an hour spent manifesting their dreams rather than my own. If you're passionate about creating something of your own, you'll never be fully satisfied working under someone else's orders. Working for yourself allows you full creative freedom and the power to move the business in any direction you desire.

5. Life is Meant to Be Lived

The reality of the situation is that we all need money. Unless we go completely off grid, we have to have it in order to survive in today's world. So therefore, we all have to work.

But when you think about the feeling you get working for a company vs working on something you are truly passionate about- there's a huge difference. Passion doesn't feel like work. It feels like living.

I don't know about you, but while I'm here on earth, I want to truly live my life. Yes, I need money in order to do that but if I have to spend my free time working on something, I want it to be something that still makes me feel alive. No one should work more than they live. This is LIFE after all.

I hope this inspires you! Share your thoughts in the comments:)

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