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How To Speak Like An Aussie

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

I reckon we could head to the bottle-o for some goon after we hit up Woolies this arvo.

Bloody oath!

One of the things I found people asking me most when I returned home from Australia was how Aussies spoke! Though I didn't pick up the accent during my time there, I was able to gather some slang. Not all of the words/phrases here are uniquely Aussie but they stood out to me as a foreigner from the States:

Good one- thanks/nice!

Ta- thanks

Cheers- thanks

Defo- definitely

Heaps- a lot

Mate/c*nt- friend, buddy

Legend- awesome person

Pissed/charged- drunk

Goon- cheap boxed wine

Bloody- very

Bloody Oath- right on/true that

Suss it out - scope it out

I reckon- I figure

Sweet as- heck yeah/cool beans

Foot Path- side walk

Hey?- eh?

Hire a car- rent a car

Petrol- gas

Ute- pickup truck

Return- round trip

Shagging- hooking up

Bloke- man or boy

Boot/bonnet- trunk and hood

Torch- flashlight

Mossies- mosquitos

Skip- dumpster

Servo- gas station

Woolies- Woolworths (main grocery store)

"Salad sandwich"- sandwich with lettuce and other veggies

Sanga- sandwich

Go off- go bad (in reference to produce etc)

Bottleshop/bottle-o - alcohol shop

Maccas- McDonalds

Capsicum- bell pepper

Sultanas- raisins

Plat- braid

Fringe- bangs

Thongs- flip flops

Long black- Americano*

Short black- espresso

Piccolo- essentially a very small latte (similar to a cortado)

*Quick note on coffee...Cappuccinos in Aus are topped with chocolate powder (so if you want a more American cappuccino, request it without the chocolate!

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