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My Boyfriend Went Vegan! Q & A

When I met my boyfriend Taylor, he was a hardcore meat eater with no intention of ever going plant-based. Now nearly a year later, he's full on vegan and loving life. Read on to see how the transition went for him and what his advice is to anyone interested in this lifestyle.

What was the final push that made you go vegan?

T: The Game Changers documentary. It said my penis would grow 7%.

Why are you vegan?

T: It makes my girlfriend happy, lol. But mainly because of what the Game Changers Documentary (and multiple other resources) said- do it for the earth, for the animals, for yourself. I would say at first it was for my health because I'm inherently a bit selfish. But then it became about more than that.

I also really want to start growing my own food and I think it would be so much easier to be self sufficient on a plant-based diet than on an omnivorous diet. I couldn't have a pet chicken and then kill it because I want to eat it... chickens are super sweet, pigs and cows are super sweet. I'd bond with them and want to be friends.

What was the hardest part about going vegan?

T: Being around people that still ate meat or seeing it prepared and not always having an alternative available at home was hard.

We [vegans] don't lack protein at all. It's almost impossible to have a protein deficiency. There's protein in spinach, broccoli, beans, etc. So that's not an issue.

You just already have in your mind what you like to eat and somehow it always includes animal products. So you have to stop and think how you could adjust the meals you like without sacrificing flavor or texture. Especially when trying to recreate those staples you grew up on. That can be tricky at first but it's totally do-able and I find that I actually like the plant-based versions better anyways.

What was the hardest transition for you out of meat, dairy, and eggs?

T: Meat. I like almond milk and other non-dairy milks anyways. Eggs weren't a big deal because I only ever ate them once in a while for breakfast.

When did it become easy?

T: Probably a couple weeks to a month in. I still have the occasional craving. It's really easy when the kitchen or fridge is void of animal products altogether though. It becomes out of site out of mind. Once I moved into my own place it became so easy. I never think about it now. But at my parent's house, they have 2 freezers dedicated to meat, it's harder then.

What advice would you give to someone who thinks they could never be vegan because they love steak or cheese too much?

T: I'd emphasize this- it's not the taste of actual meat that people like- it's the taste of the seasonings. You like the marinades, sides, and sauces. Plain meat is gross- and any vegan food seasoned well could taste the same as that regular meat.

There's plenty of alternatives to cheese, you can even make it yourself. You can't even tell the difference between a good vegan cheese and a regular cheese.

People think they are giving up cheese entirely and meat entirely when going vegan, but what you're really doing is just having alternative versions of those things. It's not like you could never have cheesy stuff again... it will just be cheese made sustainably from plants instead of being made from the milk of another mammal.

What trap do people fall into when thinking about going vegan?

T: People associate going vegan with going on a diet and they associate diets with restrictions- they have the mindset that they'll have to give something up. There is no restriction with veganism. It's quite the opposite. People just fear it because it's so different from what they were raised on.

What's your favorite vegan dish?

T: I'd say vegan tofu marsala with mashed potatoes.

Any other thoughts?

T: One thing I've noticed is that we try to make our plant-based diet still look like what a meat eater's diet is. But maybe we shouldn't do this so much. It's so easy to do because you don't want to be ostracized for not eating animal products so you try to fit in by having an Impossible burger or a vegan hotdog. These foods are really nice to have, but I wonder, what if we stop conforming what our diet is to what meat eaters are eating and instead start making our plant foods stand out more? If we eat a fake "chicken sandwich", we are still visually promoting the meat eater's diet and meat eaters are likely to say "well why don't I just have the meat version then, it's probably better.". But if you do something completely plant-based, full of color and life, that has no meat alternative, they'll be more inclined and curious- maybe they'll even want to try it what you have. Just a thought!

Have you ever thought about going vegan? Let me know in the comments :)

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