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How To Land A Job While Traveling

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Tips for creating the perfect resume & landing a job abroad!

Traveling throughout your own country or obtaining a working holiday visa both create a unique opportunity- the ability to work while you travel.

This means you can fund your travels while you travel rather than having to go all the way back home when your bank account runs out.

I've had pretty good luck finding work during my time globe trotting and I know from experience what employers are looking for on international resumes. I'd like to share some of those tips with you!!

Include A Picture on Your Resume

The amount of resumes I saw handed in on a daily basis during my time working at an Australian coffee shop was incredible. 5-10 people would come in each day and pass a piece of paper over the counter, walk away, and hope for a callback as we tucked their resume into a folder with hundreds of others. All the papers looked the same! How could any one possibly make themselves stand out?

Add a picture.

It doesn't have to be big, just put a nice picture in the upper corner of your resume so the employer can put a face with a name. It will catch their eye I guarantee it! Imagine sifting through papers all day and seeing nothing but names! I would certainly appreciate knowing what someone looked like.

List Your Native Language/Home Country

This is a big tip. With backpackers coming from all over, many employers will be hesitant to call you back if they are unsure what language you speak best. If they need someone who can speak fluent English, they will be happy to see that listed on your resume!

Deliver Your Resume In-Person

This isn't a must but I find that it certainly helps. Going in and introducing yourself in-person can make a lasting impression. Plus, it can't hurt to get a vibe on the place you're applying to! My friend Sabrina told me to always pay attention to the workers when you go in to apply somewhere. Do they look happy? Are they enjoying themselves? This is what you have to look forward if you work for this company so make sure you get good vibes! Job hunting in-person also helps you to guarantee the business is within walking distance if you don't have access to a car.

If you do plan to drop off resumes in-person, just make sure you don't walk in during a rush or a busy time. This will just add stress to the employer and create the wrong first impression. You want to introduce yourself during a time when it's quiet and the employer doesn't already feel stressed.

And don't hesitate to submit your resume to the company's website or email address as well- then the employer has a digital copy and a hard copy just in case.

4. Tailor The Resume To Include Relevant Experience

Make sure you're listing your most relevant experience on your resume! If you have both retail and coffee shop experience, maybe make two separate resumes, each highlighting a specific skill set. You want to make sure that your resume fits the job description and advertises you as a suitable employee for the company. The more company/position-specific your resume is, the better!

5. Be Prepared For A "Trial"

This certainly isn't the case everywhere, but in Australia, part of the job-searching process includes participating in trials. Basically, once the employer reviews your resume and deems you a good fit, they will invite you participate in a trial. You will then go in and work a trial shift for a couple hours so that they can observe your skills. A trial does not guarantee you a job! It's more like a second round of resume review. But typically, if you do well in the trial, the job is yours.

Happy Travels!

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