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The Halloween Full Blue Moon

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Read about this incredibly rare moon and what it's energy means for you

We started the month off with the cleansing energy of a full moon on the 1st of October and now we're getting the chance to end the month with yet another full moon- on Halloween.

Being the second to occur in a single month, this full moon will earn the title of a "Blue moon". This has nothing to do with it's color- only it's monthly frequency.

A full moon appears on Halloween every 19 years according to the "Metonic cycle" but this particular moon is even more rare. This Halloween, the full moon will be visible across all parts of the globe- an spectacle last witnessed in 1944 (during WWII).

The last full moon in Aries helped us to shift our priorities and recognize those things which no longer serve us.

This next full moon will be all about sifting through those priorities and balancing our needs (Taurus) with our desires (Scorpio).

This Halloween, the moon will be in the sign of Taurus- but it will be occurring in the month of October - a time when the sun is aligned in Scorpio. Figuratively, this means Taurus will be coming into Scorpio's house for a visit, bringing for lessons and creating opportunity for collaborations and transformation to occur.

Taurus and Scorpio are opposites in the zodiac calendar, meaning they contrast each other in many ways- but their differing energies will work together to bring us more balance and stability on this full moon.

Scorpio is a sign of passion- meaning this full moon could be a time of intense feelings regarding your dreams, desires, and love. Your strive for success may become stronger- fueled by the intense Scorpio energy that will push you to conquer challenges and meet your goals. You may also find yourself thinking more about your current or past relationships.

Taurus is a more grounding energy- coming in to bring a logical approach to these intense feelings. This will help us understand our priorities and perhaps bring about the desire for a more grounded and stable love- urging us to break free from old patterns in our relationships and realize not only what we desire in love- but what we need. This energy will likely be fueled by Venus (the ruling planet for the sign of Taurus) which controls our heart's desires. It's energy helps shape the way you see relationships and what you intend to give and receive within them.

We may also find ourselves experiencing the contrast of simplicity and complexity. We could feel drawn by Taurus to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life, while also feeling pulled to go deeper and think more intensely about life's mysteries (Scorpio).

Both signs also desire wealth, so this could be a powerful time for manifesting financial abundance into your life.

Make sure to journal during this full moon and find some time to clear your mind and process all of the insight and wisdom you are receiving.

Click here for a Cleansing Full Moon Ritual that you can follow on the night of the 31st to fully harness the energy of this lunar cycle.

Happy full moon!

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