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What Type of Energetic Communicator Are You?

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Thoughts on energy exchange & mindful communication

I've been toying with this idea of "energy exchange" (especially with regards to conversations) in my head and after thinking on it I decided it was something interesting I could share here on this blog!

The idea came about when I was reading the Celestine Prophecy a while back (an excellent read by the way!). In that book it illustrates communication as a literal exchange of energy; everyone having their own unique field surrounding them. This concept is also mentioned in the book The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire by Deepak Chopra.

It's a very interesting concept and I think that regardless of scientific proof or otherwise, we all feel it. From personal experience we know that our energy is affected by other peoples' energies when we're around them.

For example, there are times when you talk to someone and you leave feeling drained and others where you leave feeling really filled up; sometimes you walk into a room and the energy just feels off.

So my thought is that there are different kinds of energy exchanges that can occur and different kinds of people who engage in these specific exchanges. People can essentially, if you've heard the metaphor, function as fountains or drains (we've all been both at one point or another).

Fountains give. They're already overflowing with positive energy so they're able to give freely and abundantly. Usually when you leave a conversation with people like that you feel full.

And then there are drains. These people aren't full so they kind of suck the energy out of other people in order to fill up their own cup. You typically leave conversations with these people feeling more empty.

I believe that when we talk from a place of the ego; when we come from a place where we're trying to make ourselves feel better (bragging, gloating) this turns us into drains. Same goes if we talk too much about ourselves in general. It's going to make you feel good but it's not going to make the other person feel so good. In that energy exchange, you are pulling the other person's energy to fill yourself up. We do this without even knowing it and I think it's possible that some people become addicted to this type of exchange. They become dependent on drawing energy from others because they're lacking love, compassion, attention, or validation in some area of their life (whether from themselves or others). These people seek out fountains.

On the other hand, asking someone else questions about their life or just being a mindful listener as they talk will give them space, energy, and attention. Listening, responding mindfully, all of these things make you a fountain.

Now it's entirely okay to talk about yourself and engage in that give and take energy pull of a healthy conversation. We all function as both fountains and drains. But there has to be a balance.

This concept definitely spills over into romantic relationships as well. If you walk in to a relationship with a cup that isn't full, you're going to draw off your partner's energy to fill it. You'll want constant validation and attention; you may become clingy. This may push your partner away because it creates a one-way energy exchange and no one wants to feel stuck in a relationship where they constantly feel drained.

The same thing goes for a situation where your partner is always bragging/putting you down. In this instance, they're also draining you.

We could also tie this idea into social media. When you post a picture or any type of content in general, what is the driving force behind the post? Are you seeking to inspire? Are you looking to make a positive impact on others? Or are you posting with the intent to seek out energy/attention/comments & likes? Again, we all do both! But make sure you're keeping your energy transfers in check.

I just think this is something to be mindful of in your life. When you interact with others, keep note of how they make you feel. Notice if the conversation is evenly balanced- are you asking too much of the other person's energy? Are they taking too much of yours?

I find this topic very interesting and I'd be even more interested to hear your guys' thoughts on the subject. Share your ideas in the comments!

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